Skipping a Workout? Just Move | 077

I say it all the time: Something is better than nothing. I know you have the best intentions and plan to never miss a workout, but stuff happens. Things come up and sometimes you’d rather hang out with friends and family than go to the gym. It happens.In those...

The Mental Side of Fitness | 076

You’ve been lied to. While there are countless trainers, coaches, and companies that stand for incredible things in the fitness industry, main stream media highly favors the negative side of fitness. Many companies use straight up false information and scare tactics...

Fitness Efficiency | 075

We all are busy, aren’t we? Work. Family. Relationships. Endless things on our mind. Fitness can be and is an amazing outlet for many of us. An outlet to relieve stress. Or even, to simply feel a sense of progress in some area of our own life. But fitness, while so...

How to Stop Letting Perfectionism Hold You Back | 074

Two and a Half months ago, on May 1 2020, I made a commitment to myself to post a written blog on my website every single day. This idea stemmed from an abundantly clear need to take more action in my life; to stop planning and to start putting more into the world. I...

Why you are NOT achieving your Fitness Goals | 073

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that there is a fitness, health, or lifestyle goal that you are not fulfilling fully. A habit that you just can’t seem to make stick. The problem isn’t that you don’t have the perfect training program. It’s not that you haven’t...

How to Improve Focus Immediately | 072

In a world full of distractions, focus can be hard to come by. The constant clutter and over-stimulus that we experience every day can make it increasingly challenging to think clearly. If you can relate and would like to focus better, think clearer, and get better...

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