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If Someone Has Done It, It’s Possibe

On the topic of excuses. I place high importance on differentiating the phrases, “I can’t because _____” and “it’s not a priority for me right now.” The difference between those statements is vast, yet under-discussed. Don’t...

Fear is human, but don’t hide

Many of our problems are rooted in fear. Fear itself, however, isn’t the problem. Humans feel fear and it’s totally normal. Problems arise when we let fear keep us from doing what we know is right. The conversations we need to have. The habits we should...

The Number One Benefit of Training

All things equal, days with exercise and intense training are better days. Driving this message is a huge focus of my day-to-day and it’s a large part of the change I seek to make in this world. That is, helping people use fitness as a tool to enhance their day,...

The Deciding Factor In Your Fitness Success | 078

Fitness Psychology is a term I use to describe the way in which we think about our Fitness. The high standards we hold ourselves to (e.g., “I know that by prioritizing my physical and mental health, I can better help those I care for.”) The lower standards we may...

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