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Strong & Happy Clients

I’m thankful and grateful for my amazing clients and for their willingness to share their experiences.

Their success is a result of their hard work and dedication throughout the process – I don’t take credit for it. I’m simply their guide.

You be happy with your fitness and to get great results requires belief that you can do it – read below to get a glimpse as to what is possible for you.

Meet Paty (My Wife!)

“I want to thank Harris for his dedication and investment in me and my goals. I have not only improved physically, but I have much more knowledge and greater goals than ever before!”

Meet Pam!

“Harris is prepared and knowledgeable. He gives corrections on my form and is encouraging along the way. I feel motivated to keep working with him. My advice is to sign up with Harris and try coaching as I really think you’ll be happy.”

Meet Daniel!

“Thank goodness I connected with Harris! Having him in my corner turned everything around for me. Harris’ level of expertise made me confident that I had the right person on my side.”

Meet Jess!

“I really appreciate the changes to my body. I feel more comfortable in my body. I feel more comfortable with what my body can do. I’ve already recommended Harris to others in my life 😉 I really appreciate the energy and thoughtfulness he brings to our training, it makes all the difference. “

“Nervous. Intimidated. Anxious. All things I was feeling before I met Harris for the first time; all rooted in fear. I had never felt comfortable in a weight room and in the gym, in general. But being taught and coached by Harris assuaged all of the trepidation and fear that was holding me back from experiencing all I could in fitness and nutrition. As a recovering perfectionist, I’m lucky to be working with a trainer that’s about progress, not perfection.

I’m gonna be real – this isn’t a testimony, this is a ‘thank you’ to Harris for his understanding, compassion, knowledge, and guidance over the past 2 years. Working with him will also give you a lot to be thankful for. Here’s to smashing more goals and to feeling good! #CoachedbyHarris”


“I have to admit I was skeptical about joining a gym and working with a trainer. It’d been years since I’d been to an actual gym (I was on the class bandwagon for a number of years). I’m not gonna lie, it took me a few months before I was really into it, but now I’m hooked.

Over the course of a number of weeks Harris figured out how exactly to motivate me and help me appreciate small wins. Not too long into training with Harris, back problems I’d had for a number of years decided to haunt me. Harris was incredibly patient through all of this (even as I practically cried during cat/cow). He found me new resources, provided never ending encouragement, and helped me get back into a routine (safely) while overcoming all the mental blockers that stood in my way.

Harris is incredibly adaptable – from working through injuries to performing at your best, it’s clear that he tailors his approach with every client. He knows how you show you’re at your max vs when you need to be pushed. Cliche as it may sound, you can tell he legitimately cares. He checks in throughout the week, sends useful info your way, creates new workouts fit for hotel gyms, studio apartments, and lake houses—whatever you need, wherever you need it to keep making progress.

Harris has held me accountable in the least intrusive way, and now I find myself closing down the gym on a Sunday night, doing back to back days of full body (do not recommend), or showing up when I know he’s with another client just to get my sessions in. Can’t disappoint Coach Harris!

Whatever you’re looking to get out of training, pretty confident Harris can get you there so long as you put in the work. My goals have shifted throughout our time training, from getting over the intimidation of the gym, to recovering from an injury, to losing weight or learning to do push ups, and I can see and feel all of it working. Even other trainers have taken note of the transformation. The true testament will be when I remember to breathe through the exercises, but we’ll get there one day.”


“Harris is knowledgeable about weightlifting and passionate about helping.” – Oran L.

“Harris taught me how to find strength within my body by using the right technique.” – Mariana M.

“It had been over ten years since I lifted weights with a specific purpose so I looked to Harris for a jump start.” – Alex L.

“My online coaching trial with Harris was extremely enlightening and nothing short of phenomenal.” – Jeremy A.

“Harris focuses on building strength for the long term. He’s kind, uplifting, honest and most of all, very pleasant to work with.” – Ruchi B.

“I highly recommend Harris – he knows what he’s doing, is great at explaining details, and can help you achieve your goals.” – Ibrahima B.

“Harris taught me the four fundamental categories of lifting and helped me build a basic routine for my weekly workouts.” – Joanna H.

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