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Hi, my name is Pam and i’m one of Harris’ online coaching clients. Harris has been my trainer since the spring of 2021 and we train 3x a week together over FaceTime. I’d like to share the value that I get from our virtual workouts.

What health and fitness challenges were you facing before working with Harris?

I’m 58 years old and recovering from an ACL tear (not a surgical candidate ). I had to figure out a way of improving my knee as well as getting an aerobic workout with the barrier of having difficulty bending and putting weight on my knee.

I have discipline issues when it comes to training. Sustaining a workout routine and doing it 3x a week would be great for about a month and then i’d tend to give up. The fact that i’ve been training consistently since spring 2021 says something about my consistency and about Harris.

Another barrier for me was getting up early, getting ready, getting in my car, coming home, showering and it all took too much time. Now I literally roll out of bed, have a cup of coffee a glass of water and go to my workout.

What has been your favorite part of working with Harris?

I feel really encouraged and look forward to all of our training sessions that we do together.

Our training is virtual. Harris is on FaceTime with me in the mornings and when I travel. I’ve been going to different states and visiting family in Canada – It doesn’t matter where I am as long as I have wifi, Harris is with me along the way.

Having a yoga mat and 10, 15 and 20 pound weights and also not even necessary but a 10lb mb is also something that he’s incorporated into my workouts. Everything else can be done on the yoga mat and we don’t need any equipment for that. So I don’t need to go to a gym which is great.

Let me tell you a bit about Harris – he’s really very prepared. Every one of our sessions he’s prepared. He’s very knowledgable. He gives corrections on my form to make sure that i’m not injuring myself. He’s very encouraging along the way. He documents my progress and reminds me when I’m having not a great day that just 2 months ago this is what you’re doing so it still is going in the right direction and the trend is good.

4 months later my knee is improving and my upper body strength is improving. My flexibility is improving and I feel good and motivated to keep going with Harris.

What would you tell somebody who is considering hiring Harris?

My advice would be to sign up with Harris and try this out as I really think you’ll be happy.

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