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My Clients Are Strong!

{This is a ‘thank you’ to Harris for his understanding, compassion, knowledge, and guidance over the past 2 years. Working with him will give you a lot to be thankful for. #CoachedByHarris
{Harris is excellent at what he does - he’s very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He’s invested in helping me reach my fitness goals and has the attitude and ability to get it done.
{Harris figured out exactly how to motivate me and help me appreciate small wins. He was incredibly patient, found me new resources, provided never ending encouragement, and helped me get back into a routine (safely) while overcoming all the mental blockers that stood in my way. Harris is incredibly adaptable. You can tell he legitimately cares. Whatever you’re looking to get out of training, pretty confident Harris can get you there so long as you put in the work.

How I went from weak and insecure to feeling stronger than ever.

Hey, I’m Harris

Strength Coach, Teacher and Human.

I want you to have the confidence, strength, and clarity that I have gained from strength training over the past 10 years.

It has absolutely, with-out-a-doubt, been the biggest catalyst to a better life.

When I was 15, I was incredibly insecure with my body. I felt scrawny, weak, and as if I couldn’t hold my own physically. I needed change.

I wanted to feel true self-confidence and to “grow into myself” as older family friends insisted would come with age.

I understood that growing up would push me out of this awkward phase, but waiting was a lame option. Taking ownership would be my best bet.

I soon discovered the true power of strength training and fitness.

I fell in love with it.

Most of my time was spent watching YouTube videos, reading articles, and practicing my new knowledge in the gym.

What you can take from this

I knew that creating change meant immersing myself in what I wanted to accomplish.

I had to educate myself and take action.

If you are sick of waiting to become happy, know that it takes a complete mindset shift.

Looking strong and feeling incredible doesn’t come from sporadic workouts or learning a few tips here and there.

Commit to improvement and education.

Commit to consistency.

Commit to owning what comes next.