The Mental Side of Fitness | 076

You’ve been lied to.

While there are countless trainers, coaches, and companies that stand for incredible things in the fitness industry, main stream media highly favors the negative side of fitness.

Many companies use straight up false information and scare tactics to sell products and ideas, many of which are harmful to our own potential success in fitness.

The truth is, our own “Fitness Psychology,” – that is, the way we perceive ourselves, our goals, and our future success – tends to play an incredibly strong role in our fitness.

Spending your time focusing on the “perfect diet,” “perfect workout,” or the “latest and greatest trend” is a quick way to nowhere.

Please don’t neglect your own psychology when trying to make sense of all the information out there.

What do you believe?

What seems like the simplest way to go about achieving your goals?

Do what seems simple and built around strong, sustainable habits.

That’s usually what’s best.

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