How to Stop Letting Perfectionism Hold You Back | 074

by | Jul 14, 2020

Two and a Half months ago, on May 1 2020, I made a commitment to myself to post a written blog on my website every single day.

This idea stemmed from an abundantly clear need to take more action in my life; to stop planning and to start putting more into the world.

I knew that making a habit for “a few times a week” wouldn’t cut it.

It had to be something that I did every day, whether I was ready to “ship it” or not (a phrase learned from the great Marketing icon Seth Godin).

I have been on top of that commitment ever since.

73 days in a row without missing a post.

Some days they were long, well thought out and detailed.

Some days they had enough characters to make a tweet, and were simply a spur of the moment kind of thing.

But every day for 73 days it went out and got shipped.

Yesterday, sadly, I broke that streak.

As much as a habit as this writing has been, I simply forgot.

I thought that it had become so ingrained that I didn’t need my daily alarm anymore.

The day got a way from me and somehow, after 73 days, it slipped my mind completely.

There’s a lesson here for you.

The old Harris, the one that was crippled by perfectionism, would have left it at that and stopped posting daily simply because I broke the initial streak.

How foolish that would be.

Stopping such a meaningful piece of my day and possibly yours if you’re reading just because of an over inflamed ego.

No, not this time.

The more mature, less-dumbbass Harris knows that that’s a part of life.

I must and will keep posting.

Another day may be missed here and there, but those will be well worth all of the other days of contributing something to myself and to the world.

If you value your own commitments like I do, keep that trait.

It’s important as all hell.

But please don’t let the ego side get in the way of actively pursuing something amazing.

Learn from it, maybe share it like I am, and then get back on track tomorrow.

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