Why You Need Competition

by | May 27, 2020

You need competition.

I need competition.

We all need competition.

Whether said competition is external, internal or both, it drives us to be better.

To seek more.

To move forward and not backward.

I myself have been struggling quite a bit lately and have lacked any sort of direction or excitement in what I’ve been doing.

I was starting to beat myself up for it saying things like…

“I’m lazy.”

“I’m not “hungry” enough.”

“I’ve wasted so much time and so many opportunities, why bother.”

All shitty ways of talking to ones self.

I recently came back across the sport of Strongman and have began to visualize competing in it someday.

That new vision and that potential competition with myself has flipped my mind 180 degrees and into a positive light.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I feel whole again.

I see a clear purpose with my training.

I see a tangible reason to train hard daily and improve myself in all aspects.

All of the things that I love and enjoy feel right again and like I can keep building.

All it took was a new perspective, new vision, and a little competition with myself.

I hope you can find this in whatever way works for you.

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