What works for you? | 002

My strength training has been better this week than it has been in quite some time. By better, I mean more enjoyable, more focused and frankly, more of it.

Motivation is vastly misunderstood and overrated. However, there is something to be said about loving what you do and feeling an excitement for improvement.

My ~ 9 years of lifting weights has mostly consisted of a deep love and hunger for progress. That feeling has been missing lately.

I have been trying to force structures, systems and methods on myself in hopes of reigniting my love for training. I have dwelled on wasted time and missed opportunities.

Lately, I am moving in a positive direction again with a refreshed purpose.

I thought long and hard about what goal could be all-encompassing enough to excite me and push me forward.

I came up with a specific squat goal that brings about old feelings of excitement. I started a consistency protocol to keep me focused on rebuilding habits.

My point here is that the methods and structure of what you do may be very different from what somebody else does. That is okay.

We are not identical with one another.

If you are struggling, don’t jump so quick to blame it on laziness or a lack of motivation.

You can get that fire back.

You may just need a better goal and a stronger purpose.

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