Treat Fitness Like A Snowball | 040

by | Jun 9, 2020

Ever watch one of those cartoon’s where a character pushes a little snowball down a hill?

That snowball starts off moving slow and appearing small, but as it gains momentum, it gets bigger and moves faster.

Fitness goes the same way.

In the beginning you’ll face a lot of resistance.

You’ll feel slow and your steps will be heavy.

After you get going however, momentum will build.

You’ll start to move a bit faster.

Lift a bit heavier.

Feel a bit stronger.

And it will build and build and build.

When you are at the beginning of starting (or re-starting), please remember this and let it guide you towards action.

Know that it will, rather, should feel uncomfortable to start.

Do it anyway and let the momentum build in your favor.

Be a snowball.

Be a swoleball.