Too Advanced For The Basics | 038

by | Jun 6, 2020

You will never become too “advanced” for the basics.

Truthfully, the more advanced you become, the more you will likely gravitate towards the basics.

I started lifting weights back in 2011 as a scrawny 16 year old.

I kept detailed training logs for the first 5 years of my lifting.

I still have those logs and when I go back through them, something funny sticks out to me.

My very first recorded workout ever was a back and biceps workout.

About 50 total sets… You read that right, 50.

If you don’t know what that means, 50 working sets is well over a two hour workout, and wayyy too much for anybody.

It’s unnecessary and counterproductive.

Coincidentally, I made pretty terrible progress while training like that.

After 9 years of lifting, my workouts are 15-25 sets at most and are much more focused on basic full body movements.


Is that the basics are not something you need to get away from.

They are everything.

Keep building them forever and you’ll have all the progress you could ever ask for.