The One Thing Holding You Back (That You Can Change Instantly)

by | Jul 27, 2020

I know you have struggled in some way with your fitness.

We all have.

The problem rarely is a lack of knowledge.

The problem is rarely a lack of ability.

The problem is almost always, quite simply, how we define ourselves.

Let me explain.

Every person views themselves in a particular way: Smart or dumb, rich or poor, successful or not.

The list goes on and of course, our self-beliefs can sit anywhere on the spectrum.

What we don’t often pay attention to is just how much these beliefs play into our life.

Here’s an example (comment below if you can relate):

You go a long period without working out.

You feel lazy, unmotivated, and like you can’t possibly become fit.

Then, you take one small action.

Maybe it’s a single workout with a friend. Maybe it’s a long brisk walk. Who knows.

But you break the inertia and do something.

Now, you get those little thoughts in your head.

“That felt pretty good.”

“That wasn’t so bad. Maybe I’m not that lazy.”

“I could do this again.”

You are now thinking of yourself in a slightly more positive way.

So you do another workout, and another, and another.

Now, “all of a sudden,” you feel like a fit person, act like a fit person, and tell yourself you’re a fit person.

Your entire behavior has changed not because you learned a million and one new techniques or did something revolutionary, but you took a bit of action and see yourself in a different light.

If you are struggling with anything, try this:

Take a bit of positive action and then analyze how you view yourself before and after that action.

If you think more of yourself, keep going.

If not, still, keep going.

It’s a matter of time.