The Irony In Fitness

by | Apr 22, 2021

Wanna hear some irony?

Many people say they want to improve their fitness and decrease stress, yet their unrealistic expectations and vast levels of impatience push them backward.

That is, by rushing the process and seeking constant gratification, these people increase their stress and likely see a drop in fitness.

We tend to overvalue outcomes.

These outcomes, oftentimes, are unrealistic given the timeline or manner in which we expect them to occur.

This need for instant gratification results in high levels of negative stress when that gratification isn’t met.

I’ve had people come to me angrily, frustrated, and stressed out of their minds at their “lack of progress.”

Funny thing is, their progress was almost never abnormal and their biggest setback was their mindset.

Yeah, if you expect “results” every time you do something, you’ll probably feel pretty damn annoyed and defeated when you’re not rewarded for your work right away.

Conversely, if you flip your lens and see yourself as super early in the process, you’ll likely feel a weight lifted from your shoulders.

If this sounds like you, please stop killing yourself over the outcomes; fitness will be a part of your life for the next 30-70 years… what’s the rush?

If you have a great handle on this all, glad to hear it.

Either way, here to help guide you if you ever need it.

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