The Fitness Practice

by | Apr 19, 2021

The practice is worth pursuing.

Showing up consistently and doing the work.

We get caught up in outcomes.

In results.

We’re so focused on the superficial physical endpoint, that we forget to focus on what matters – the daily pursuit.

Without the consistent practice of your chosen goal, there is no achievement.

No change.

My goal is for you to become (if you’re not already) fully immersed in the daily practice.

So much so that the end goal becomes merely a bonus.

Sure, have your outcome goals.

They can serve as motivation and a benchmark for progress, but the daily habits that we work on create the most change.

I’m a huge fan of making consistency-based goals.

That way, you’re not just blindly doing things daily without any sense of progress.

You can take on a daily habit and highlight the day in your calendar every time you do it – that way, you’ll build up a long streak of highlights and get competitive with yourself.

That’s just one example – find what excites you the most.

If you choose a worthy enough practice, it will have a positive domino effect on most if not all other areas of your life.

Try it out and let me know how this shift of thinking and action works out for you.