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Fitness Psychology is a term I use to describe the way in which we think about our Fitness.

The high standards we hold ourselves to (e.g., “I know that by prioritizing my physical and mental health, I can better help those I care for.”)

The lower standards we may unknowingly accept for ourselves (e.g., “I’m just too busy to workout and take care of myself. I have too much else to worry about.”)

The amount of patience we hold and expectations we have in the process of self-development.

The list goes on.

If you are reading this, I want you to take a moment and think about the challenges you have faced with your health and fitness.

Put those challenges clear in your mind.

Now ask yourself this: “Did I struggle because I didn’t have enough knowledge of health and fitness? Or did I just get in my own way?”

The reason we struggle is often the latter.

You, most of my clients, and most people have enough information to achieve all of their goals and more.

The reason we most often struggle to succeed is in our own personal Fitness Psychology; Our world view in the lens of fitness, if you will.

If you are struggling.

If you want more.

If you want simplicity and progress, focus on doing what you know is right: Focusing on the basics.

No need to get caught up in excess information.

Just do what you know is right, be kind to yourself, and play the long game.

This fitness thing is for life.

If you want help, just reach out.

I’m here.

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