“What’s The Best Workout and Diet?”

by | May 14, 2020

“What should I eat to lose weight?”

It depends…

“What’s the best workout?”

It depends…

“Why am I always constipated?”

It depends… (but probably go see a doctor.)

“What’s the best _____ ?”

It always depends because context is everything.

The number of eye rolls I’ve received for saying these 2 words is probably in the dozens if not hundreds, but I keep saying them because they’re the truth.

If you want to see results, the answer is not as simple as asking some fitness InFluEnCeR for their secret.

Stop looking for the secret.

Quick fixes lead to quick regret because they’re often unsustainable and lead to more harm than good.

The answer you are looking for lies within a combination of basic scientific principles and consistent disciplined effort.

Sounds boring and unsexy right?


That’s what will create long-term results.

There’s no getting around straight science and consistency.

Find a way to love the process and you will become amazed at just how well things are working for you.

There’s your secret.

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