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Take Ownership.

When I was 15, I was incredibly insecure with my body. I felt scrawny, weak, and as if I couldn’t hold my own physically. I needed change.

I wanted to feel true self-confidence and to “grow into myself” as older family friends insisted would come with age.

I understood that growing up would push me out of this awkward phase, but waiting was a lame option. Taking ownership would be my best bet.

I soon discovered the true power of strength training and fitness.

I fell in love with it.

Most of my time was spent watching YouTube videos, reading articles, and practicing my new knowledge in the gym.

What you can take from this

I knew that creating change meant immersing myself in what I wanted to accomplish.

I had to educate myself and take action.

If you are sick of waiting to become happy, know that it takes a complete mindset shift.

Looking strong and feeling incredible doesn’t come from sporadic workouts or learning a few tips here and there.

Commit to improvement and education.

Commit to consistency.

Commit to owning what comes next.

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Build A Strong Life.

Hey, I'm Harris. Thanks for visiting my site!

I teach beginners how to lift weights consistently and amazingly well so they can build a stronger body, mind, family and life.

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