Take Care of Yourself First

by | Jul 19, 2020

Just wanted to say that I hope you’re doing incredibly well.

If you’re reading this, please do at least one thing today that makes you feel alive and well.

Helping others is the greatest thing we can do, especially during times like these, but if we neglect ourselves, then the amount we can contribute to the world is greatly limited.


You can go on a long walk, do a hard workout, or even try some yoga and stretching.


My personal favorite is to write. Get your thoughts, plans, questions, and fears down on paper. It helps. A lot.

Do some deep breathing, stretching, and visualization of how you’d like your life to be going (that way you know what you need to make happen.)

Whatever works best for you.

Honestly, there is so much overlap between physical and mental that many of the above pieces can benefit you as a whole.

Just find what works for you and make yourself 1% better today.

Enjoy the day.

Here if you need anything.