Stop Complicating Fitness

by | Jul 20, 2020

Hey there,

Just by reading this, I know that you are

✔️   A Hard Worker

✔️ Prioritizing Your Fitness (Or you want to be)

✔️ Tired, Annoyed, and Frustrated by all of the conflicting fitness advice that you see day in and day out

My sole purpose for writing to you is to help encourage you to simplify your life through fitness, not complicate it.

I’m not going to sell you the (garbage) idea that all you need is 7 days of a quick fix to “transform.”

I’m definitely not going to lie to your face (or in this case your eyes) and tell you that losing weight, building brute strength, or creating sustainable fitness is easy.

It’s not easy.

But it sure as hell can be simple.

You have family, business, friendships, and life to worry about.

Please, don’t waste another second worrying about what others think of your body or your choices.

Please, don’t waste another second debating which foods are the best (there are none) or which program will get you the best results (there is none.)

All I ask is that you realize what this fitness stuff is all about.

It is meant to empower you. To energize you. To strengthen you and much, much more.

Not give you another freaking headache in your life.

If you need simplicity in your fitness and in your life, please know that it’s possible.

I’m here to help you create it.

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