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by | May 31, 2020

The human race is being tested right now.

The Corona Virus pandemic has caused an economic collapse and countless hardships for millions upon millions of people.

Now (and always), we are seeing the worst of human kind in the form of disgusting racism and the murder of innocent, friendly people.

I am definitely not enlightened enough to speak wise words to the horrific acts done to George Floyd and many other peaceful and innocent black lives.

But I do know that the best thing we as individuals can do is spread positivity in every way possible.

I have faith that all of the amazing people on this planet can continue to crush the evil shit through positivity and driving change.

If you are feeling grateful about anything in your life, tell someone.

If you are happy to have what you have, express it.

I don’t believe that sharing this kind of positivity is insensitive.

I believe that if even one person will benefit from your words, it’s worth it.

You never know who may need to hear it.

Comments? Questions? Jokes?

Leave em’ below. I’d love to read them. Thanks for stopping by!

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