Progress isn’t enough

by | May 5, 2020


Is it enough?

The short answer is, no.

Let me explain.

Progress is incredibly important.

Truthfully, it is the main thing that I focus on in my life. Probably yours too.

Having something to work towards makes life exciting.

Progress is at the core of fitness and life in general.

Shedding fat. Packing on muscle. Building devastating strength.

Making more money. Improving status. Endless achievement.

It’s amazing.

But it means nothing if we are not fulfilled in what we do.

Progress without fulfillment is hollow.

If we dig deep into our goals, the progress we chase is a means to living a more fulfilling life.

The problem arises…

When we chase progress so aggressively that we throw fulfillment out the window.

Take someone who wants to lose body fat.

Getting in better shape is great, but if it is fear based and done to mask insecurities, they will not feel fulfilled after that weight is lost.

It all roots back to our “why” and who we are making progress for.

If you are seeking achievement so you can impress others and mask your insecurities, fulfillment will be hard to come by.

If progress improves your quality of life and helps fulfill your life’s purpose, you may just get what you are looking for.

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