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The following will not be perfect.

Perfect doesn’t exist. How could it?

Who’s to say what perfect even means?

The relentless pursuit of “perfection” stems from an insecurity in what we are doing, how we are doing it, and for whom we are doing it for.

Take this post for example.

I wrote my first blog post two years ago, however, I published my first blog post today. This is my first one.

I have drafted nearly a dozen posts, only to file them into the abyss. Ironically, my first draft was titled, “Just Start.”

I was scared

Crafting excuses didn’t make that statement any less true.

Here are some of the excuses that I made as they may resonate with you.

I was waiting for perfection in various forms: title; structure; content; advice; web design; motivation; blah, blah and blah.

I was putting this post on a pedestal that was higher than I could reach. I justified these excuses with a false idea; my first blog post had to be perfect as it would be the foundation for everything to come.

I was wrong. It’s not the foundation. There is no perfect. There is just the first of more to come. And the “more to come” will only be possible if there is a first to begin with.

What you can take from this

Putting things off can feel like a better decision. It’s awfully easy to persuade yourself out of action. Out of showing up. Out of taking an actual step.

Marching in place will get your legs moving, but you won’t see anything new. You won’t learn from it.

Marching in place can feel a lot like walking, but it’s not.

You can prepare, ponder, and perfect for a lifetime, but everything you’re looking for comes after getting started.

Taking action means accepting failures along the way.

The fear of failure can stop action in its tracks.

The only real failure however is in never getting started.

What do you find scarier: Taking action or drowning in regret?

I bet on the latter.

I hope you go start.

I have to give credit where it’s due.

My inspiration to finally hit publish on this post comes from Seth Godin and his advice on blogging every day.

This is his daily blog

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