Make Fitness Fun Again | 041

by | Jun 10, 2020

Fitness is what you make it.

Being fit has many meanings.

Physically, it includes strength, mobility, conditioning and more.

How you improve these attributes is more or less up to you.

There are foundational principles and methods to build fitness, but there is not only one way.

Some people are drawn to weightlifting sport.

Some people, triathlon type training.

Some, calisthenics.

The list goes on.

My point here is that there is always a way to make fitness fun.

Absolutely hate exercising indoors?

Bring your weights outdoors. Use your own bodyweight. Go swim, hike or bike.

Love heavy lifting and want to improve cardio, but hate traditional forms such as running? Turn part of your lifting sessions into metabolic burners that tax your lungs and muscles simultaneously.

Open to all types of fitness but don’t see an exciting path? Find ways to get competitive. Aim for personal records in weight or time. Sign up for a competition. You get the idea.

Fitness is for all.

There is always a way.

If you need help finding that way, ask me.

Make fitness fun again.