Know When To Pivot | 037

by | Jun 5, 2020

If you keep trying the same thing over and over and over again, and are left with frustration and zero improvements, maybe it’s time to adjust.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am in no way saying to quit the pursuit of improvement.

Not at all.

But maybe the exact way that you are going about things just isn’t right for you at this very moment.

I recently had a phone call with someone who week after week was trying to meal prep, and week after week, felt like a failure.

I suggested an alternative.

“Why don’t you try not meal prepping right now and instead try using “food rules”.”

Rules like, “I will drink one glass of water before I eat any sweets.”

A rule like that may allow the same desired physical outcome to occur (fat loss) while potentially being easier to implement.

These examples are just that: examples.

My point is, don’t think so one-dimensionally that you avoid altering anything.

Self-awareness is key.