I Don’t Think You Are Lazy | 030

by | May 29, 2020


Quick message today.

I will post much more about this in the future but simply put, I don’t think you are lazy.

If you are or have struggled with taking action – in fitness or elsewhere – some will make you believe that you are lazy and don’t care about yourself.

I disagree.

Worth noting, I do believe that everybody absolutely, without-a-doubt, must take full ownership of their lives. A victim mindset is unacceptable.

That being said, if you are struggling to take action, I believe that is because one of or a combination of the following.

A lack of vision.

Fear of failure.

Fear of success.

The false belief that you are who you are and can’t change.

If you believe that you are who you are and can’t change, you won’t.

If you believe this, it’s hard to have a vision.

You also may fear trying and failing or even trying and succeeding.

But know that you are not inherently lazy.

Face your fears and work through them.

Think bigger and build the vision of what excites you in life.

You got this.

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