I Bought My Client a 53lb Kettlebell

by | Dec 24, 2021

My business is referral driven so when my awesome clients bring in a friend or family member, I like to show some love!

In this case, [my awesome client] connected me with her best friend who has just joined team “Coached By Harris.”

The gifts I give vary but I always make them useful towards their goals.

[This awesome client] has a new love for kettlebells and has been getting too strong for her own.

Perfect opportunity to surprise her with a big hunk of metal.

We’ve had a few virtual training sessions this week to break in the new weight and it’s been going incredibly well.

53 pound Kettlebell swings are no joke, especially for someone who has only been working with me and strength training consistently for 9 weeks.

That being said, [my awesome client] is crushing the swings and both of these ladies are improving so much plus having a blast during training.

Makes me so happy and hopefully can be an extra source of motivation for you in some way or another!