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No two fitness goals are the same
Well, on the surface they may be…
Surface level goals are the ones with little substance behind them.
Little emotion, if any.
Have you ever asked somebody why they want to achieve their specific goal only to hear the reply, “Because”?
Yeah, so have I.
People with this kind of response are well-intentioned, absolutely.
But I’m willing to bet that if anything, and I mean anything, makes the path to their goal even a bit more uncomfortable than they’re used to, they’ll give up.
Maybe give up for that day, or for that week, I don’t know.
Sadly, many will give up for good.
How do we prevent this, or at least, prevent it better?
The answer is in the depth of our goals.
When your answer to “why this goal?” isn’t just, “because,” but it’s something much deeper, you’ll be hard to stop.

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