Fitness: Tough But Simple | 079

by | Jul 18, 2020

Hey there,

Smart people like you understand that building fitness is not all Rainbows and Butterflies.

You know that creating great fitness takes hard work.

Actually, a lot more than just hard work.

Anybody can work hard one time.

You are well aware of the fact that living a strong and healthy lifestyle takes hard work AND long term consistency.

There is something, however, that you (or at least, somebody you are close to) may not realize just yet.

Fitness isn’t easy, but it can be very simple.

Working hard does not mean making things complicated.

The goals that you so badly want have all been achieved before.

Don’t reinvent the wheel (so many cliches today, I know.)

Walk daily.

Strength train multiple times per week.

Challenge yourself until you adapt, and then repeat.

Drink a lot of water.

Eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

You get the idea.

Simple, simple, simple.

It may be hard for you to keep things simple. I get it.

But I promise you it’s the right path.

Challenge yourself daily on the simplest things possible.

Repeat for weeks, months, years, and decades.

There’s your lifetime of fitness just waiting for you to get started.

Get after it 🙂