Fitness Success: Less Emotion, More Logic | 050

by | Jun 19, 2020

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As human beings, we typically react in one of two ways.

1) With logic

2) With emotion

The latter plays a role in many of the problems that we face.

Toxic relationships.

Frustrating interactions.

Negative self-talk.

All of it.

In fitness specifically, we tend to self-sabotage ourselves by reacting through emotion.

Earlier today, I spoke with a client and listened as she expressed her frustration.

Client: “I’m so upset. I weighed myself after I ate dinner and I gained two pounds!”

Me: “Why do you think that happened?”

Client: “Well, I had food inside of me. But my weight keeps going up and down and not staying down.”

Me: ” Imagine right before you hopped on the scale, you put on a light backpack. Your weight would go up, Right? And if you took the backpack off and weighed yourself again, what would happen?”

Client: “Of course. It would go down. I’m just scared of gaining weight.”

After discussing more, you see that my client obviously understands the logic behind what has happened, but her fear and emotion cause unnecessary frustration.

She understands that the normal ups and downs of body weight are a result of food and water entering and leaving the body.

Next time you get tested by something, fitness related or not, practice looking through an objective lens of logic.

It’ll help tremendously.