Fear and Fitness | 024

by | May 23, 2020

I believe that every internal challenge, insecurity, and obstacle we can’t quite seem to overcome, roots from one thing: Fear.

You and I may not know each other (yet), but I know that we share at least one similarity: We have both let fear drive us off of our path.





It’s the same for all of these blocks of life.

If we want to advance any of these area’s of our lives but can’t seem to get through a particular hurdle, it in some way is due to the fear that we are holding on to.

I know many people who are frustrated by their lack of fitness progress despite making a solid effort.

I know many people who are unhappy with their bodies and are convinced happiness will be the result of a drop in weight.

I know many people who want to improve themselves but feel stuck.

I have been one of these people.

I can confidently tell you that the one thing holding you back from happiness and achievement is your own fear.

Maybe you fear change.

Maybe you fear failure.

Maybe you even fear success and the internal pressure that can come with it.

Or maybe you fear letting go of the person that you currently are to become the person that you want to be.

I don’t know really, you’ll have to do some digging on this stuff.

But fear is the reason.

Honestly, I think this idea is liberating as it gives you the power to face fear and understand it better.

When you realize that the thing holding you back from what you want is pretty much all in your head, it can become much less scary.

Also, an important aside: I am writing this message to you as well as to myself.

You and I are equals and we are human.

I haven’t “figured” everything out. Far from it.

I am currently battling my own thoughts on fear, and writing to you is part of what helps me face it.

I hope these words can liberate you, help you to think about fear, and inspire you to take one action to push into that fear right now.

Let that momentum keep building and let me know how it goes.

Fuck Fear 😉

Comments? Questions? Jokes?

Leave em’ below. I’d love to read them. Thanks for stopping by!

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