Are You Committed Or Just Interested?

by | Apr 13, 2021

I watched this video earlier today and was intrigued by the phrasing of this question.

When thinking of the goals we set out to accomplish, I believe a useful question to ask yourself is if you are committed to achieving these goals, or simply interested.

What’s the difference?

Interest in your goals means that you’ve thought about them, you may even be excited by the idea of them, but at the first sign of adversity, you’ll likely give up on them.

When we’re simply interested and nothing more, we tend to let our own excuses, stories, and negative self-narratives keep us from doing the work when the work gets hard.

We justify why we can’t do something or why we can simply do it later.

Progress doesn’t happen here.

Commitment to your goals means that you hold a shield around them; the stronger the shield (the commitment,) the more you can let go of negative stories and excuses that hold you back.

Being committed to a stronger self means that we move forward despite our past problems, stories, or negative narratives.

A committed person has all of that history but keeps chipping away at a stronger self every day; no excuses, no reasons why they can’t.

Here are some questions for you to act on right now:

  1. Remember a time where you felt short on a goal; were you committed or simply interested?
  2. Remember a time where you became stronger and crushed your goals; were you simply interested, or full of commitment?
  3. What is the one area of your life that by growing stronger, your whole life will improve? What daily habits will you fully commit to starting today?

Feel free to let me know your answers.

As with all my posts, I hope this doesn’t just make you think but inspires you to take life-changing action.

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