1000 Small Deaths and Half-Assed Workouts

by | Apr 12, 2021

If you’re thinking, “Harris, are you drunk? What are you talking about?”

The answer is twofold

  1. I wish
  2. Keep reading and I’ll tell ya

1000 small deaths.

More commonly known as, “death by a thousand cuts.”

I relate this to working out and half-assing it – basically, giving up when things get uncomfortable.

1000 half-assed workouts definitely feel more comfortable in their individual moments, but weeks, months, and years of this will result in a much bigger challenge than anyone workout could ever provide.

The inevitable regret one will experience after prolonged periods of taking the easy route will be exponentially more uncomfortable than the immediate pain of pushing a few more reps, running that extra lap, or lifting that extra 10 pounds.

In training and in life (the two are closely related,) the easy road leads to the darkest end.

Today’s Takeaway

Do what you want, of course.

And we all have sub-par days.

But know this – we have full control of our efforts.

Not the outcome.

But the effort.

The practice.

If you focus on effort, intensity, and full commitment during your training (and everything you do,) those tough moments will lead to far better rewards and a far happier life.

Let me know if this had an impact!