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Are any of these struggles relatable?

  • Uncertainty in your fitness approach
  • Exercising but seeing only minimal or nonexistent results
  • Not exercising and unsure of how to stay consistent
  • Confidence that’s lagging due to how you look and feel
  • A body that feels weak, slow, and way too tight

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’re a:

  • Devoted spouse
  • Rockstar parent
  • Hustling entrepreneur or a go-getter company pro

You’ve created success in almost every aspect of life, but you know your fitness isn’t where it should be.

Imagine waking up 28 days from now, energized and supercharged with a new level of fitness.

Make it Your Reality with The 4-Week Fitness Fix.

A Look Inside The Program

Detailed fitness and injury history audit

✅ 1 Hour FaceTime Exercise Technique + Goal Assessment

✅ Personalized Strength and Cardio Routine: (Including video review of your individual exercise techniques)

✅ 30-minute FaceTime Walkthrough of Your Custom Program

✅ Fitness Coaching via WhatsApp: You’re never alone. Got a question or need motivation? Just shoot a message.

  • Video feedback on your gym sessions
  • Unlimited questions and support
  • Track your wins in one place

Weekly 10-minute Review/Preview Calls

✅ BONUS to Boost Your Success: Nutrition Audit and Goal Setting

The Investment

– Secured by a Total Money Back Guarantee

– Investment: Enter this program for $149. 

What’s the Cost of Not Starting Now?

Negative Progress (a.k.a Going Backwards): Despite all your sweat and effort, you may find yourself trapped in a cycle of unsatisfying results. It’s not just about the missed fitness gains; it’s the mental toll of feeling like you’re running in place. Weeks, months, or even years of hard work can feel wasted when they don’t translate into the results you’ve envisioned.

❌ The Endless Time Waste: Think about all those hours in the gym or at home, grinding through exercises that might not even be the best fit for you with technique that is sub-par at best. That’s time you could spend with family, friends, or on other passions. When your workouts aren’t efficient, every moment feels wasted.

❌ Financial Drain with No Real Gain: The market is flooded with flashy fitness gimmicks, “miracle” supplements, and programs promising the world. But without a clear path, you might find yourself dropping significant cash on these products, only to realize later that they don’t deliver. This isn’t just a hit to your wallet; it’s a blow to your trust and motivation.

❌ Diminishing Self-Belief: Every time a new product fails to deliver or a routine doesn’t yield results, a tiny chip is taken out of your self-confidence. You start wondering if the problem lies with you, rather than the mismatched methods you’ve been presented

Meet Your Coach

Harris Benjamin

Hey, I’m Harris

I’ve spent my coaching and lifting career helping fitness beginners become proficient in strength training, exercise technique, and more.

I’m obsessed with helping you become physically independent and strong head to toe. Whether you’re more of an intermediate lifter, or a complete beginner who has never worked out a day in your life, I can help you build your best body for the long term.

Some credentials so you know you’re in great hands:

  • 7 years personal training
  • 3,500+ sessions taught
  • 12 years training myself
  • Former top trainer in big city gym
  • 3 years running my own online fitness coaching business
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning coach
  • Bachelors degree in Exercise Science

Kind Testimonials from Clients

“Thank goodness I connected with Harris! Having him in my corner turned everything around for me. Harris’ level of expertise made me confident that I had the right person on my side.” – Daniel (Male, late 30’s)

“Harris is prepared and knowledgeable. He gives corrections on my form and is encouraging along the way. I feel motivated to keep working with him. My advice is to sign up with Harris and try coaching as I really think you’ll be happy.” – Pam (Female, 60 years of age)

“I want to thank Harris for his dedication and investment in me and my goals. I have not only improved physically, but I have much more knowledge and greater goals than ever before!” – Paty (Female, late 20s)

“Harris is excellent at what he does – he’s very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He’s invested in helping me reach my fitness goals and has the attitude and ability to get it done.” – Alex (Male, mid 30’s)

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I teach beginners how to lift weights consistently and amazingly well so they can build a stronger body, mind, family and life.

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