Onboarding forms

1) Introduce Yourself

The email address I should use to send important documents and messages
Ex) June 17, 1995
A number or an estimated range. Specify pounds or kilograms
Ex) 5' 9"
For emergency contact purposes or for anything I may ever need to send

2) Your Health History

Please be as descriptive as possible here. Not only will this help me make your program safe, but it will allow me to program the best exercises possible for your body and goals. If no injuries or pain, please right "never" for the associated body part.
Please recognize that it is your responsibility to work directly with your health care provider before, during, and after seeking fitness and/or nutrition consultation. Any information provided is not to be followed without prior approval of your doctor. If you choose to use this information without such approval, you agree to accept full responsibility for your decision.

3) Your Training History and Goals

Describe what you want to improve upon, learn, change and why
Commercial gym, apartment gym, home gym, outdoors, a mix?
Please be super specific with types, weight amount and how this equipment might change (add more or lose some) while we're working together. You're also encouraged to send a video/photo of this equipment to my email or WhatsApp
Ex) swimming, running around with your kids, biking, running, gardening, long walks, tennis or other
Ex) a running race, strength competition, spartan race, triathlon, martial arts tournament, other
Ex) Workout videos, a specific online program, other
The more context the better
Ex) information you want to learn, exercises you want help with, aspects of designing better workouts that you're curious about, other

4) Nutrition

Ex) Up 20 pounds, down 5 pounds, fluctuates between ___ and ___ pounds, exactly the same
Please elaborate as much as possible

5) Your Work and Lifestyle

Ex) wake up time, what and when you eat, tasks, after work hours, routines, other.
Ex) wake up time, what and when you eat, tasks, after hours, routines, other.
If every dream and goal you have came to reality, what would the details of a perfect day look like for you? Don't be afraid to be creative and go into hyper detail. Think big and have fun with it!
Anything I should have asked that I didn't? What else should I be aware of?