Rachel D. (Newsletter Review)

Love this email too. Feels personal and gives a good reason on why you should reply to emails. I can’t wait to see your business grow and to see you end up consulting other fitness leaders on how to start a biz… good good stuff Harris.

John R. (Newsletter Review)

Hey Harris. I just wanna say thank you for all the encouraging words! I look forward to your emails because it sounds very sincere and although we don’t know each other, I take your positive words to heart. I first came across you on instagram just through a series of...

Patrycia P. (Newsletter Review)

I will definitely stick around coach! Thank you can’t wait to read more of your emails and content that you have to offer!

Rachel D.(Newsletter Review)

LOVE THIS EMAIL. The words resonated so much with me and it seemed the perfect length//spacing. Thank you for providing this to your email list.I am definitely putting this in my “helpful” folder. I might even need to go old school and write some of these...