The Best 1:1 Online Coaching Program for Strength Training Beginners

My 1:1 Online Coaching helps fitness beginners put an end to weak muscles, tired lungs, poor performance and a lack of confidence in your training

(May 5th, 2022: My fiancè Paty and me moments after getting engaged on a cliff in Puerto Rico. She had to show off her strength during the photoshoot!)

How 1:1 Coaching Works

Step 1) Apply for Coaching and Commit 

I don’t allow anybody to pay for coaching until I’ve personally taken them through their application process… which is very simple.

The risk-free coaching session presented on this page is welcome to anybody who wants it, not just those interested in hiring me.

If you are interested in hiring me however, let me know and this coaching session will turn into your application. We’ll simply discuss all things working together and see if you’re a good fit for my services and if I’m a good fit to be your coach.

You’ll share your goals with me, what you hope to achieve through coaching, and any questions you may have.

I’ll share the logistics of coaching, the pricing information, and a more detailed walkthrough of how it will all work (like what you’re reading now here on this page.)

If we both agree that coaching is right for you, then I’ll send you an email after our session including a recap of what we discussed, and a link to make your first payment.

Once you successfully enter your first payment, we’ll get started.

Step 2) Onboarding

This is the foundation of everything that we’ll do together. The foundation of your success. My most successful clients are the ones who take this onboarding process very seriously and help me help them by sharing loads of detail about their fitness history and goals.

Within 24 hours of completing your first payment, I’ll send you an email with your onboarding materials.

You’ll receive a specific checklist of action items that must be completed within the first 1-2 weeks. These action items include but are not limited to:

  • Signing and returning a standard health waiver
  • Filling out a medical history e-form
  • Filling out a fitness and lifestyle history e-form
  • Scheduling our recurring coaching sessions
  • Auditing your home gym (or lack of one) and ordering a minimalist amount of equipment if needed
  • Setting up your custom training app where you’ll track your habits and exercise numbers each day
  • Taking baseline physique photos for progress-measuring purposes

We’ll communicate consistently through this onboarding process to make sure that you’re completing items at a good pace, to answer any questions you may have, and to make sure that you feel fully supported and excited as this process evolves.

As your first couple weeks of onboarding come to a close, I will have the baseline information necessary to create your custom training plan along with your daily, weekly, and monthly habits and goals.

Step 3) Your Custom Goals, Program, and Habits

Your onboarding process is complete. I have a much deeper understanding of where your fitness and mindset have been over your lifetime, what you’re unhappy with now, what you’d love to see change, and how to make it happen.

We will work together to clarify your goals, and to create your custom training program and habits.

I will deliver this program to you via your custom training app, and will personally implement your new habits into the app for you to check off daily.

I will sit with you (virtually of course) and walk you through each and every component of your program and habits to make sure you understand what it all means, why it’s the best program for you, and most importantly, how to properly execute it day in and day out.

Step 4) I’ll Coach and Support You Every Step of The Way

Now that we know each other and you have your foundation in place to train and build great fitness habits, we simply continue forward building week by week.

If we are meeting weekly over FaceTime (1 of 2 different coaching options I offer), that session will be used to train, refine technique, and plan for the week ahead.

Anything that you’d find most helpful to address face to face, we’ll do so on our FaceTime.

Throughout the rest of the week, you’ll have your training plan and daily habits to complete and track. You can and are encouraged to message me as often as you’d like via WhatsApp with any questions that may arise on your end.

I’ll respond within 1-2 business days during my working hours and we can text/voice message/email to resolve any questions or confusions that may come up with your training or habits.

Your only job is to execute the plan, ask good questions when they arise, record your training performance and habits, and stay committed to the process as you progress.

Step 5) A Stronger Life

That’s my ultimate goal for you. Not just improved strength with your workouts, but feelings of improved strength in everything you do.

That’s what fitness has given me and I know it will for you too if you let it.

While I do love to work with some clients for years on end, I don’t aim to keep training you forever.

I never want you to feel dependent on me for your success. It shouldn’t be that way. If you are fully capable of crushing things on your own but just love to have that extra edge of having a coach for the long term, that’s understandable and I’ll be here for you.

But our main goal together is and should be to create a strong level of fitness knowledge and drive in you so that even when we pause or stop working together, you can thrive and build more strength and better habits for the rest of your life.

When the time does come that we stop working together – whether that’s after the 3-month minimum I require, or many months or even years down the road – I will “offboard” you with some specific guidelines that you can use on your own to continue building this great lifestyle.

As long as you’ve been a positive and enjoyable client for me to work with (almost everybody I’ve worked with has), then I’ll gladly leave the door open for you to return if and whenever you’d like. Many of my clients start and stop multiple times over the years as it makes sense for them. Regardless, I’ll always be in your corner and will continue to share free resources with you in various ways, as long as you’ll allow me.

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