Client Success

I’m thankful and grateful for my amazing clients and for their willingness to share their experiences.

Their success is a result of their hard work and dedication throughout the process – I don’t take credit for it. I simply am a guide and a support system.

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Meet Paty!

“I want to thank Harris for his dedication and investment in me and my goals. I have not only improved physically, but I have much more knowledge and greater goals than ever before!”

Meet Pam!

“Harris is prepared and knowledgeable. He gives corrections on my form and is encouraging along the way. I feel motivated to keep working with him. My advice is to sign up with Harris and try coaching as I really think you’ll be happy.”

Meet Daniel!

“Thank goodness I connected with Harris! Having him in my corner turned everything around for me. Harris’ level of expertise made me confident that I had the right person on my side.”

Meet Jess!





Meet Joy!





Meet Scott!





Meet Nadia!