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STEP 3) MASTERY – I’ll create and send a custom training plan to you. We’ll schedule our recurring email, phone, or facetime check-ins. I will walk you through every detail and you’ll start strong and ready to go!

Coaching Requires

  • \Commitment and hard work
  • \Strong communication skills
  • \Investing time, money and energy
  • \Receiving tough love if needed
  • \Patience and a sense of humor 🙂

My coaching isn’t meant for everybody. Ready to be challenged, supported, and strengthened? You’re in the right place.

Try a 1-on-1 Coaching Session, Totally Free.

nobody is “too good” to hire a coach.

Nobody Is Too Good, Strong, Smart or Advanced for Coaching. I’ll Teach You:

  • \How to make fitness exciting and inspiring for life
  • \The "Why, What, and How" of your programs so you'll feel strong and self-dependent
  • \How to stick to your habits and commit to fitness for life.

My students come in with struggles, and come out with confidence. Ready to do the same?

My promise to you.

I don’t look at you and see $$$… I see a person that I’d love to get to know, have a conversation with, and help as much as possible.

If you decide to train with me, even if only for a few months, you will hold a special place with me forever. I mean it… like we could work together for 3 months and then simply remain in contact and talk through challenges for as long as you’re wanting that.

I will never lie to you. Every word on this website is the truth. Furthermore, I will always give you tough love. You must promise me, however, that you can handle it. I tell my students the truth because I know it will push them to new heights.

I will do my very best to not let you make excuses. If you don’t do something or fall off, stuff happens. But I won’t let you blame your scheduel or your family or your friends or anything else because blaming and excuse making ruin our confidence and chances at a fulfilling life. I care about you too much to let you do that. We take ownership over here. Always.

One Final Note.

I care about you becoming stronger, loving your life, building the best family you can and spreading strength through your community. There are billions of people that need help and more than enough of them for any one coach. If you see yourself as a better fit with another coach, that’s cool.

I Don’t Compete With Other Coaches, I Compete With Apathy. Apathy comes from drowning in noise and never taking positive action in your life.

Screw apathy.

We could literally die next week – life is too precious to half-ass things and never commit. My goal is to bring you away from that and towards a life of commitment, purpose, vigor and strength.

You with me?

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