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I’m Harris

  • Strength Coach
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I made this site for you.

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This page is where you’ll get to know me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Can’t wait to get to know you, too.

My Why

Why I Coach

I want you to have the confidence, strength, and clarity that I have gained from strength training over the past 9 years.

It has absolutely, with-out-a-doubt, been the biggest catalyst to a better life.

I know that it can change your life as well and I hope to be a part of your journey to make that happen.

Why I Create Content

Creating content is what allows me to take the ideas and messages stuck within, and get them into the world.

On a sort of dramatic but totally true note, I want to die empty one day.

I want all of my most passionate and detailed ideas and messages to be in the world forever so you and others can change your life from them… even if just a little bit.

Furthermore, while I love coaching and being right there with you through the thick of things, I can only be there so much.

Creating content is my way of providing strength and education and motivation no matter the time, day, or place.

Why I Care About You

Because someone has to. You’re a strong badass and I’d like to help make you even more of one.

Why I Lift

Too many reasons to list, but here are a few:

  • It immediately improves my mood
  • It immediately improves my day
  • It allows me to lead by example for my students
  • It allows me to lead by example for my girlfriend and family


Hello World | 1995

Born in Maryland; Confused, naked and excited for life just like you.

My Oldest Memory | 2000

5th birthday party. Miniature golf. Hated soda. Accidentally drank some. Stung my throat. Screamed in front of everyone. Solid memory.

Majestic Hair | 2002

First 7 years. Majestic hair down to my shoulders. Wild times.

Chipotle Stole My Heart | 2007

Age 12. Tried Chipotle. Transformative. Current burrito count is over 2,000. Chipotle, please sponsor me.

My First Guitar | 2007

Age 12. Began guitar. A Teal Green Fender Stratocaster was my first. I prefer acoustic nowadays. Was in a highschool band. Was a beginner. Was kindly asked to leave. They did well after. Awkward. I still play. Also love to sing.

My Bar Mitzvah | 2008

Age 13. Officially a man by Jewish Tradition. Party theme: “Rock With Harris.” Fake guitars everywhere. Had my first shot. Older cousin snuck me vodka. Good times.

10 Years of Baseball | 2009

Age 14. End of a 10 year baseball obsession. Was never “good” by any real standard. I had my moments though. Always dove for the ball. Always went for it.

Hooked On Golf | 2009

Age 14. Took up golf. Over 1,000 hours practiced in the first two years. Played on highschool team. Team won the state championship. Still love golf. Owe it all to my dad. He introduced me to golf. Dream is to travel the world with my future family and play the coolest courses.

Where It All Started | 2011

Age 16. Began Strength Training. The foundation of everything I do. Used to be weak; Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally. Lacked confidence, a backbone, focus or discipline. Strength training is how I built a new life and reinvented myself in every way.

Highschool. Europe. College | 2013

Age 18. Finished High School. Went to Europe. First time ever. Four weeks living in Austria. Day one, I got lost. Couldn’t find the apartment for 18 hours. Crazy story. Ask me about it if you’d like. Started college a month later. Indiana University.

Almost Failed Out | 2013

Age 18. First semester. Almost failed out. Zero to do with intelligence. Simply lack of purpose, focus, and effort. Massive wake up call. Extremely embarrassing. Didn’t like school. Focused on fitness. Learned a lesson. Hard work is translatable. Even if you don’t like the thing you must do, work hard. You’ll be more prepared when you’re  working on what you love.

First Teaching Job | 2014

Age 19. Put in a class with other “near fail-outs.” Was top of the class. Teacher recommended me for an assistant teaching role next semester. First sign of my love for teaching. Graded papers. Led discussions. Provided 1-on-1 check-ins with students. Loved every minute of it.

My First Coach | 2015

Age 20. Found Force Fitness. Badass gym near my college campus. The Owner and Head Coach introduced me to Olympic Weightlifting. I had custom programming. Elite coaching. Planned competitions. My first true experience with coaching and proper training. Absolute game changer.

My First Coaching Internship | 2016

Age 21. Started a coaching internship with Force. Never considered this field. Was on path for Physical Therapy School. Coaching looked amazing. Had to try it. Fell in love with it. Teaching people strength and helping them smile was the greatest thing ever. Unpaid, 6am start times. Didn’t care. Beyond grateful for the opportunity.

Start Of Coaching Career | 2016

Age 21. Completed 200 internship hours. Asked for a job. I Love coaching. Knew I had to dive in. Coached full time with Force for nearly two years. Taught group strength and conditioning classes. Trained middle and highschool athletes. Coached moms, dads, teachers, grandparents and more how to safely, efficiently, and effectively lift weights and get after it. All while having a blast.

My First Content | 2017

Age 22. I had to share more. I discovered instagram and created a fitness account. Stayed up until 1:00am in the morning contemplating. I was nervous that I didn’t know enough. Wasn’t good enough. Would lose credibility. Said fuck it and did it anyway. Posted everyday for about a year. 

Moved to NYC | 2018

Age 23 | Big decision. Needed this. Left Indiana. Wanted more. Landed in NYC. Wasn’t “ready,” whatever the hell that means. Went anyway. Knew almost zero people. Life changing time.

1-to-1 Personal Training | 2018

Age 23. Joined a large fitness company. Different style. In Indiana, I worked semi-private with a few clients at a time. Only coached, No sales. No business. Minimal program creation. Here in NYC, I did it all. Learned the A-Z process of meeting a stranger and eventually helping them change their life through fitness. 

Slightly Fractured Elbow | 2018

Age 23. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dabbled in the past. Started again. First day of class. Rolling partner accidentally fell on my elbow. Got an X-Ray. Possibly fractured. Let it heal naturally. Stopped Jiu-Jitsu. Scared to try again. But fear is good. Lean into fear. I plan to start again this month.

Mi Amor | 2020

Age 24. Began dating mi amor. Absolutely, without a doubt, the greatest person to ever come into my life. My biggest fan. Strongest supporter. Love her to death. Meeting her kickstarted the confidence to start my own business. First and foremost, everything I build is for her and our future family. She happens to be a phenomenal Cake Artist and Pastry Chef. Admire her work on Instagram @bakingwithpaty

A Quarter Century | 2020

25th Birthday. Closer to 30 than 20. Mi amor made the absolute coolest birthday cake I’ve ever seen. You can see it here.

Went All-In. Started My Own Business | 2020

December 17, 2020. The day I resigned from the gym and officially went all-in on my business, “Coached By Harris.” Emotional day. Sad to leave familiar faces and habits, but extremely excited to be in full control of my life and the help that I can offer you. I’m all in now and here to serve you relentlessly. I hope you’ll stick around and say hi.

Learning Spanish | 2021

Officially began Spanish Lessons. Have been practicing for months with mi amor and her family. My goal is to become fluent. I didn’t think I needed lessons (or a coach) because I was practicing with native speakers. Turns out, it’s incredibly helpful to have focused learning, guidance, and someone who cares about you to customize the learning process. A not-so subtle hint; everyone can benefit from a coach. Everyone.

CoachedByHarris.com | 2021

The current moment in time as I write to you. Nearly my 26th birthday. I created my own site a while back, but it was more for me to learn the software and experiment. I decided to hire a professional to help rebuild it. I hope you find use in this site. I’m here for you absolutely always, and I hope you’ll contact me whenever you need something so we can get to know each other and start making your life as strong as possible.

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